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In the following video, Thérèse Brisson, President – General Director of Alpine Canada, shares her excitement for the upcoming Tremblant World Cup. Hosting the event at home holds special significance, providing a rare chance for their women’s tech team to shine. She highlights the region’s vibrant ski community, dedicated volunteers, and passionate fan base, making Tremblant the perfect host.

Thérèse emphasizes the advantage of a home based competition, a rare opportunity for Canadian athletes. She looks forward to a world-class track that will challenge and inspire athletes, coupled with convenient hotel facilities just steps away, creating a seamless experience for all. Beyond the competition, Tremblant’s charming village and lively shows add to the event’s unique atmosphere.

For Thérèse, this event is more than just a ski race—it’s a celebration of national pride, unity, and the spirit of Canadian skiing.