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Get ready for the thrill of the Tremblant World Cup with Canadian skier and Tremblant Athlete Ambassador Valérie Grenier. In this interview, she unveils the transformed Flying Mile trail – widened and filled with intriguing twists. As a proud Quebecer, Grenier anticipates the fantastic atmosphere and strong spectator turnout in Eastern Canada, known for its passionate alpine skiing fans.

Racing at home is a mix of pressure and pride for Valérie. While acknowledging the challenge of performing in front of friends and family, she sees it as an uplifting opportunity to showcase her skills and make her supporters proud. Grateful for the overwhelming support from the alpine skiing community, especially in Tremblant, Valérie expresses her heartfelt thanks.

Discover Valérie’s insights and emotions as she gears up for the World Cup. Watch the clip now and witness the love, excitement, and anticipation she brings to the slopes.